The MVSers go undercover

This evening the MVSers headed to Chez Target to do some holiday shopping for each other. But on our tight budget, how were we to do it?

Annie facilitated a name exchange that miraculously, on the first try, supplied each of us with a Secret Santa who was not ourselves. Don’t ask me who mine is, because it’s top secret and I won’t tell you. Tonight over dinner we took turns sharing our wish list with each other, and then off we went to spend ten dollars or less on a gift for another MVSer.

Imagine five twentysomethings skulking around in the store, peering around corners and hiding packages in their jackets. If you have seen Breakfast at Tiffany’s, picture Holly Golightly and her friend Fred stealing from the dime store. They pick something up, look around to see who’s watching, put it back, again and again, lulling the watchful eyes into trusting them… and then out they walk, wearing their stolen merchandise. Here we were, trying to make sure the others didn’t see our selections, sometimes picking up a false gift to trick the others, looking around warily as we stand in the checkout lines. I couldn’t resist humming the Pink Panther theme to myself as I slunk suspiciously around the store.

I’m not sure whether Andrew, Ryan, and Ben ended up leaving with any merchandise; they sure weren’t showing us. But I got a good haul for my ten bucks, and my secret santa is likely in for a surprise – I hope it will be a pleasant one for him or her!

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