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Yahara River Sunset

The Yahara River runs from Lake Mendota to Monona about half a mile away from our house. This was the view on my bike commute home this evening.

Yahara River


Ice Age Trail Alliance Staff Photo

The staff of the Ice Age Trail Alliance, in front of our building in Cross Plains, posing for a thank-you photo for our board members. Left to right: Brad (eastern field representative), Rebecca (development director), me, Jo (administrative assistant), Mike (executive director), Randy (western field representative), Kevin (lands and stewardship manager), Tim (director of field operations), and Eric (communications specialist and exclamation point).

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House a no-go

Ok, readers, say a little prayer for us (and our support committee as they discern where to go from here). The aforementioned possible house for next year has been purchased by another buyer. There’s no doubt that we will have a house next year (that’s a good thing, since I’ll be VSing until at least October), and there’s no doubt in my mind that it will be a good one. But oh the suspense!