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Decisions, decisions

Might be time to tell you what’s happening with all of us when the year is out.

Ryan is the lone term renewal. He’ll be staying on at Centro Hispano, continuing to build his accounting experience and resume.

Andrew and Annie plan to stay in Madison and are currently apartment searching. Andrew is awaiting a hiring decision from his current placement organization, Community Action Coalition. He hopes to continue on in his current role working with food pickup and delivery. Annie is in the throes of a job search, seeking work in a nonprofit that promotes social justice and sustainability.

Ben is returning to his home state of Indiana with as-yet unformulated plans.

I am going to be in Madison at least until the end of September, finishing up my placements that I started in October and December. I’ll move with the unit (we’re likely switching apartments in August) and then move out, either to stay on in Madison or to return to Indianapolis to put some of my new experience into practice. (Indy is known for some reason as the crossroads of America, even though it’s one of the hardest cities to get to via public transit.)

We’re looking forward to two new MVSers, Andy and Joe, who will be joining us in August. A third is unconfirmed at press time.

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