House a go!

We found a house!

A while ago, actually. It will be ours on August 15th! Well, not really ours, as we’ll still be renting, but we will move in on August 15th.

It’s beautiful. The walls are painted colors. It has three floors and an unfinished basement. It has five bedrooms. It has one bathroom.

But it has a light-filled living room with a wood-burning stove, a spacious and airy kitchen with a butcher-block table, and a screened-in porch with hammock hooks.

Ryan will be living there all year. I will be there until October. Ben will be leaving us on August 4th, and Andrew and Annie will be moving into their own place just down the street on moving day. You can find the new MVS house on Ingersoll Street, between Johnson and Gorham, and conveniently located on many bus routes.

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